Sunday, January 10, 2010

Link To The Past

Link To The Past is an great game for i'ts time and still is and forever is if you are not knowing what i'm talking about then listen up my wiseness will tell you about the game it's self later on

Friday, January 1, 2010

fary tales

I don't like fary tales they are not real and never to be real I hate it when kids tell the class that fary tales are real usual they're the fat kids eating a chocolate bar jest eating them like a pig the thing they will be in isthe three big fat pigs so they don't halft to stuff him less work Right!


I'm thinking how can i make a job by jest playing pokemon that would b sweet and the best that would be adream come true my advice to you is never give up on your dreams you got that hopefuly it got to you!


Link is a great game it is mejestic and to pertectible on whats going to happin always Zelda gets kaptured and you have to always go back to the beging and try to save her
it to pertictible for link you think right ya i'm right.

New Yaers Resolutions

The codes a jest craeted is NYR that is my new co. helping peaple with there problems like if someone is eating with there mouth open I will be nice and help them with it because no one would like to see that the food going evry were and the color is nasty of the food
anyway the co. will dominate i'm such a good smaritan!

new year party

Theres a new thing happing there is a new year party happinging you can come one and leave comments alot and tell me advice on my blog for this day only JAN/1/2010 day of celbrating and fun i will be posting often!