Friday, March 25, 2011

The World Has Gone Mad!!!!

this world is ad jest not to long ago like 2 mi i found out that are new dress code won't let us where shorts how werd is that!! i'm tired of dress codes!!! we should where what we want to school

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

old jotho

the old games of jotho they are silver and gold version were the bigest jump from blue and red like one there was a night and day in jotho red and blue do not there is pokemon that only come out at night and day in jotho red/blue do not jotho has berry's you can pick also and you can make new tipe of poke-ball's

story time!!

one day there was a little boy his name was Tom he was son ugly every bogy died the end

Saturday, March 19, 2011


i post theses songs for to help lost people who need some help i felt it will help at least one person out there that need some comfort out there i'm hopeing this will help you so jest hold on there!!

also a power song

powerful song

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

zealda talk part 2

as you don't know we are talking about how hard Zealda 2 is well i have more info link 2 as really hard puzzles and also monsters that well get in your way wich is hard to get to also there are monsters that will take away experenice ponts wick every time you die all the experenice you had is all gone you start over wich makes it hard to level up i think if you are looking for a hard game i would get this game this is g over and out!

Game facts

in Zealda 2 is a older game of link it is the most hardardest game of all the link games it is very hard by one every time you die you end up at the same spot so if you are on a diffrent island and you die you end back on the same spot and then you have to go back to the place you where going to the good part is if you in the level you start from the room you died in also the monsters are hard some are ineincible so you can't beat them i will get back on this subject later