Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mr obama

you know what i don't get about this dude he's bowing to every one i bet he would bow to burger king for all people this has gone far i think he's out there

i'm bord!!!

this is me right now bored to death so i'm tipeing random stuff now let me think what am i going to say?.....uh......uh.....uhhhh...... i do not know what to say i'm still thinking........uhhh.....uh.....um.....uhh.um. i still don't know wait i've got a great idea you can tell me what to tipe thats great i'll be waiting

Story Time

Well i've got nothing to do so i will tell a story here it goes once there was a nice old lady but she was so ugly that every body died the end and i know thats short so here is a 2ed story once there was this prince he was so small he died the end

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ok song


linkin park


little hitler

this is a funney movie you ned to see it

powerful meaning

this song i think has a powerful meaning i think you should hear this song

Saturday, January 22, 2011

there you go

now i'm posting alot for your enjoyment hope you like my postes bye for now

pokemon song 2

mario sunshine

this my favorit mario game it's called mario sunshine it's a beastly game i think this is one of the best mario game yet


this is the boss of the shadow temple he is very hard people say but he's not as hard has he lookes


I hope you enjoy all these new songs and i hope is to post more often!

master Qest pokemon

nice song too

nice song

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

There A New Thing Going To Happen This Year

There is a new thing going to happen this year there is is new co. called GJG move production will be makeing movies on this blog and this pordution will be about video games and other pordution i hope that it will bring more followers and bring on happy faces i will see you soon bye