Friday, June 19, 2009

Tactics For Pokemon

If you want to be the best at Pokemon, you have to know some things:

1. Don't just use the most powerful moves over and over, use tactics

2. If in double battles, don't use Sunny Day with a water Pokemon or Rain Dance with a fire Pokemon.

3. Don't just use the easy starter for jest to make it easy for useing get the starter you would like the tipeing like in Dimend and Perl and Platinum people use the easy Pokemon but I use the hardes Pokemon because I liked the tipeing.

Now if you use these advise you would get you farther in being a Pokemon Master

now voting time what is your favorite Pokemon out of these cosees tell me I will be wating







1 comment:

justGeorge said...

Infernape is the best. I know this because no-one else voted for anything else.